Create balance and get the support, information & answers you're looking for so that parenting is easier

No more researching, wondering what you're supposed to be doing  


Have the information, answers and expert training at hand to help you parent with peace of mind

  • Parent with peace of mind

  • Manage feeling overwhelmed

  • Stop feeling guilty

  • Be the parent you'd like to be

  • Get the answers to help your children with their emotions & behaviours 

  • Have less arguments

  • Know you're doing the right thing

Bethan O'Riordan

It's helped me so much. It's given me the confidence to go forwards and it has boosted my confidence


Mum of 2

Bethan O'Riordan

When I had kids, I had to learn a whole new way of being.  I used to think it was them who had to change but I realised that I was the change they needed

Over 10 years ago, I realised I had to learn a whole new way of being.   On the outside things looked fine – I was working, kids were healthy, but I was unhappy.  I was experiencing really difficult emotions such as anger, rage and anxiety that I hadn’t experienced in that way before.


And I knew that if I didn’t learn what this was about, I wouldn’t be able to parent in the way that I’d like to.  Because of me not having the skills to manage my emotions, I couldn’t then help my children with theirs.

I’ve been through the process of figuring out how to manage my difficulties so I can listen to and help my children in their lives.  I had to work through all the hardest parts of me – my triggers, fears, worries, guilt, shame, anger and anxiety


And I found freedom in me.


I now I specialise in Parenting Support and help parents to parent with ease and peace of mind and be the parent they'd like to be.

And now you can join this Membership and become the parent you'd like too

  • A short time to get it right

    Make the most of the small window you have to raise kids with the right information at hand for what they need from parents

  • Be the change your children need

    Children absorb what's going on around them.  This membership helps parents to take responsibility for what's going on and creates actionable steps to help families change

  • Be confident in your decisions

    Knowing that you're doing the right thing will increase your confidence and positively impact your parenting 

  • Less stress

    Spend less time worrying and stressing out 

  • Better relationships

    Have the consistent relationships you'd like to with your child rather than ones that are filled with tension 

I am sure you have questions

Here are a few answers to the most common questions

It sounds great Bethan, but another thing to do? I am so busy already.

I am worried about confidentiality

Honestly, I feel scared

I feel nervous about other people knowing how bad things are for me

I've done courses before and read loads of books, how is this any different?

Doesn't my child need the help not me?

Here's what's involved

  • Facebook Group

    All members are in a Facebook group with daily access to myself and other Members - this means you can ask questions as things happen and get the support you need there and then

  • Monthly Masterclass

    Every month we have a practical and insightful Masterclass with myself or another professional working with families.  So whether it's understanding anxiety, shame, fear, developing your parenting map or nutrition or any part of parenting, you have the information at hand.  These are all recorded and stored in your hub so you can watch again as many times as you'd like to.  

  • Live Q & A

    Once a month we meet live and talk through what's going on - a great way to really get into the nitty gritty of it all!

  • Resources, worksheets and videos

    All the information you need is at hand is so many different ways so you can make it work for you and solve your parenting dilemas

  • Private hub

    All the vidoes, resources, trainings and Masterclasses are stored in this handy online hub you can access with your private log in details

  • Being a prioriting

    Being part of the Membership means that you are a priority to me - so you'll always have discounts for any futher services I offer 

Being part of the Collective has given me the tools and support I need to really become a confident, kinder and happier parent

Liz - Mum of 3

I would have considered myself extremely overwhelmed and didn't know how to parent in a way I felt was confident.  I wanted change in our house.


The support from the other Mums & Bethan is incredible

Suzanne - Mum of 2

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Meet Bethan

Bethan is a Mum of 3, Psychotherapist specialising in parenting support whose passion is supporting parents so that life is easier.


Bethan's hope is to normalise parenting struggles and to motivate, inspire and support parents to find their parenting best.  All parents go through the process of figuring out who they are.  Bethan's work supports this development with kindness and compassion.  She helps people to become the parents they’d like to be whilst also providing practical solutions for parents to help their children.


Parenting can be incredibly complex. Bethan’s work supports parents to work through difficulties such as anger, anxiety, understanding children’s behaviour, changing parenting patterns, guilt and inter-generational trauma so that parents feel balance across their life. This balance then filters into the lives of children, creating emotional safety, stability and regulation for both child and parent.


Bethan is a Mum of 3.  When she has free time she loves a cup of tea in the polytunnel listening to a podcast.


Bethan’s work has been featured in various media including The Independent, Red FM Radio Station, The Irish Times and The Evening Echo.

    I was overwhelmed and felt like there were no concrete answers.  Know I know my mistakes can be undone, there's always an answer - Mary

    So far I've noticed a total mindshift! Grace

    So incredible to have the space to reflect on ones parenting and understand that from a psychotherapeutic, child development and parenting perspective - Sonya

    It feels like a safe non - judgemental place to share problems & find solutions - Grace

    Before I felt judged by other parents...I feel a sense of community of like minded parents who want a change in their own personal lives/family unit.  This group brings clarity - Suzanne


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