The membership for the support, information & motivation you need to find your parenting best and find freedom in you

Welcome to the Calm & Confident Collective 

Membership opens on the 9th of April and closes on the 16th of April, so you've a week to grab your place


Join like-minded parents going through the same difficulties as you and get the information, support and motivation to find your parenting best

  • Parent with clarity, peace of mind & balance in life

  • Have the relationship you'd like to with your children and yourself

  • Manage feelings of guilt & overwhelm

  • Less arguments & boundaries that work

  • Offer your children the best of you

  • Save time and energy wondering if you're doing the right thing

Sound good?


Then this is the membership for you to discover how to be a Calm & Confident Parent


If you would like to arrange a 15 minute call with me to talk through any questions, then email me and we will arrange a time that suits.






Bethan O'Riordan

When I had kids, I had to learn a whole new way of being.  And I found freedom in me.

Over 10 years ago, I realised I had to learn a whole new way of being.   On the outside things looked fine – I was working, kids were healthy, but I was unhappy.  I was experiencing really difficult emotions such as anger, rage and anxiety that I hadn’t experienced in that way before.


And I knew that if I didn’t learn what this was about, I wouldn’t be able to parent in the way that I’d like to.  Because of me not having the skills to manage my emotions, I couldn’t then help my children with theirs.

I support parents to create change for an easier way of being

I’ve been through the process of figuring out how to manage my difficulties so I can listen to and help my children in their lives.  I had to work through all the hardest parts of me – my triggers, fears, worries, guilt, shame, anger and anxiety


And I found freedom in me.


I am now a Parenting Expert and support parents to find their way for an easier way of being.  And I'd like to support you to do the same. 

I have created an exclusive Parenting Membership to help you you find your parenting best


Don't you wish you had someone there who knows about parenting and who can help you with the problems you are having?


Wouldn't it be great if you had a place to turn to whenever you needed both professional or peer support?


A place that also provided you with the information, resources and safe space you needed to understand your children and yourself?


Then welcome to the Calm & Confident Collective


Here's what the Collective is all about in helping you to find your way:



  • Monthly Masterclass

  • Private Facebook Community with daily access to myself and all other Members

  • Live Monthly Q and A with all Members

  • Organising the Mind - Weekly planning, goal setting & accountability

  • Resources, worksheets and videos and information to help you whenever you need it

  • In person events (when they become a thing again!)

  • Your own private online Hub to access the materials

How this Collective will help you find your way


  • A safe community

    This is your safe community.  A place to be seen, heard and validated.  Many parents don't know where to go with their struggles and can feel alone and unsure of where to go.  This community is for honesty and openness.

  • Evidence Based Information 

    As a Psychotherapist I place great importance on evidence based information & support.  In this Collective I will be sharing the best resources and information I've gathered over the last my 15 years.

  • The practical stuff you need

    I'll be sharing practical tips and tricks to help your day to day struggles.  So no more not knowing how to approach difficult situations.

  • Fun & Laughter!

    Yes! Parenting can be very serious, so it's important that we balance this out with some fun and laughter.  Expect lots of this!

  • Listening to your needs

    I am always open to members telling me what they need more of and will provide it.  Perhaps you'd like the next workshop to be on something specific - let me know and consider it done.

  • Guest Speakers

    We will invite guest speakers from a variety of expertise to join us to support you and your family  

As a mother of two, it was hard to be the best sort of parent I wanted to be. I now have a better understanding of the development of the brain during childhood, this has helped me better understand my own children's reactions to these stages 


Before I met Bethan, my kids emotional responses often confused and infuriated me but now I understand them and myself a lot better


What was helpful about working with Bethan?


"Learning how to build better relationships with my children"


"Learning to change myself will benefit my family"

Meet Bethan

Bethan is a Mum of 3, Psychotherapist & Parenting Expert whose passion is supporting parents so that life is easier.


Bethan's hope is to normalise parenting struggles and to motivate, inspire and support parents to find their parenting best.  All parents go through the process of figuring out who they are.  Bethan's work supports this development with kindness and compassion.  She helps people to become the parents they’d like to be whilst also providing practical solutions for parents to help their children.


Bethan is a Mum of 3.  When she has free time she loves a cup of tea in the polytunnel listening to a podcast.


Bethan’s work has been featured in various media including The Independent, Red FM Radio Station, The Irish Times and The Evening Echo.

Here's what parents had to say about working with Bethan

    Loved being able to express my thoughts and giving the time and space dedicated to this

    The biggest thing for me was learning about the child's brain and how it thinks differently to an adult

    Good to know we're not alone amongst all this madness – we are all on a learning curve

    It was kind of mind blowing. Had never heard a lot of these concepts articulated

    Figuring out how to help my kids understand their emotions and being calmer with them

    Other parents experiences were comforting/refreshing

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