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    Bethan O'Riordan

    I would have considered myself extremely overwhelmed and didn't know how to parent in a way I felt was confident.  I wanted change in our house.


    The support from the other Mums & Bethan is incredible

    Suzanne - Mum of 2

    Here are a few answers to the most common questions

    It sounds great Bethan, but another thing to do? I am so busy already.

    I am worried about confidentiality

    Honestly, I feel scared

    I feel nervous about other people knowing how bad things are for me

    I've done courses before and read loads of books, how is this any different?

    Doesn't my child need the help not me?

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    • Being a priority

      So far I've noticed a total mindshift! Grace

      It's helped me so much. It's given me the confidence to go forwards and it has boosted my confidence


      Mum of 2

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